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Jordan Doyle - fanatic for all things fast and reproducible

jjd [--architect] [--developer] [--sys-admin] [--contributor] [--other]

IRC: w4 on
PGP key fingerprint: 327D 73A1 FEF2 CDA5 1140 1183 1EA6 BAE6 F66D C49A

Outgoing & motivated systems architect with a strong background in various programming languages. Unwavering passion for low latency, high throughput software and the free and open-source philosophy. Thrives in fast-paced, pressuring environments.


Designs scalable and resilient systems across organisations, working closely with stakeholders and individual contributors from inception through to maintanence to unravel complexity and build high-performance, fully featured products on maintainable infrastructure. Advocate for positive iterative change and RFCs as a means to this end.


Polyglot developer with a heavy slant towards elegance and readability.


An advocate for predictable and reproducible environments using immutable and declarative technologies.

Due to a long story involving Netflix and IPv6, also an inadvertent member of RIPE NCC and operator of a local ISP serving a small suburban community in Northern England.


A disciple of the FOSS movement, contributing to high-impact projects in spare time to bring back cutting-edge solutions to the team.

Cultivator of engineers at all levels via tech talks, pair programming and mentoring to level-up entire organisations.


  • Backpacker
  • Serial hobbyist
  • Volunteer
  • Quiz night winner

Undisclosed, Remote — Staff Software Engineer (March 2024 - Present)

Undisclosed, Remote — Senior Software Engineer (September 2022 - March 2024)

Undisclosed, Remote — Software Engineer II (June 2021 - September 2022)

Undisclosed, Remote — Software Engineer I (March 2020 - June 2021)

  • Member of the Prime Video Operational Excellence bar raising team
  • Developed and ran the real-time aggregated logging and metrics service for Prime Video's Living Room devices
  • Developed various libraries and integrations in production within Amazon such as the standard metrics library for Rust
  • Designed and developed the compatibility layer between the old ´bespoke´ Lua-based framework and new React app for TVs
  • Contributed to Terraform, Logstash and various other open-source projects on behalf of Amazon

  • Worked with various high-profile companies to bring their dream websites to life
  • Developed a Laravel-Wordpress compatibility layer called Koselig

  • Worked with the UN to build the first crowdfunding website for Ecuador
  • Worked with the World Bank to scrape alternative financing data for the developing world
  • Managed the AWS-based build, deploy and hosting infrastructure
  • Created the development workflows, code and documentation style guides for the company

9 GCSEs A*-C

16 July 1999 Jordan Doyle