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Jordan Doyle - fanatic for all things fast and reproducible

jjd [--architect] [--developer] [--sys-admin] [--contributor] [--other]

IRC: w4 on
PGP key fingerprint: 327D 73A1 FEF2 CDA5 1140 1183 1EA6 BAE6 F66D C49A

High-flying & motivated systems architect with a strong background in various programming languages. Unwavering passion for low latency, high throughput software and the free and open-source philosophy. Thrives in fast-paced, pressuring environments.


Blueprints and constructs digital playgrounds with an eye for scalability and resiliency. Forsees systemic demands and weaves high-performance solutions into the core of any output. Architectural virtuoso with a penchant for designing frameworks that endure the test of traffic and time.

Mastermind behind the overhaul of many legacy systems across tenures, seamlessly integrating new paradigms without downtime.


Codesmith with a polyglot portfolio, adept in the dark arts of functional conjurations. Transforms abstract ideas into concrete reality through the power of code.


Provides an infectious enthusiasm for system administration driven by a yearn for predictable and reproducible environments, and staunch advocation for immutable and declarative systems.

Due to a story for another time involving Netflix and IPv6, also an inadvertent member of RIPE NCC and operator of a local ISP serving a small suburban community in Northern England, picking up valuable experience setting up a highly available networking stack with Juniper and Ubiquiti hardware.


A disciple of the FOSS movement, represented qualitatively by the GitHub links in the SEE ALSO section, almost all code written for personal use ends up upstreamed or in the public domain.

Though professional contributions usually focus around systems and software architecture to empower teams, being a software developer at heart means there isn't a codebase that can't be tackled as and when needs must.


Passionate about a variety of interests, some might say a serial hobbyist, but always eager to try and learn new, strange and exciting things. Actively involved in the community as a regular volunteer for local initiatives.

Undisclosed, Remote — Senior Software Engineer (September 2022 - Present)

Undisclosed, Remote — Software Engineer II (June 2021 - September 2022)

Undisclosed, Remote — Software Engineer I (March 2020 - June 2021)

  • Member of the Prime Video Operational Excellence bar raising team
  • Developed and ran the real-time aggregated logging and metrics service for Prime Video's Living Room devices
  • Developed various libraries and integrations in production within Amazon such as the standard metrics library for Rust
  • Designed and developed the compatibility layer between the old ´bespoke´ Lua-based framework and new React app for TVs
  • Contributed to Terraform, Logstash and various other open-source projects on behalf of Amazon

  • Worked with various high-profile companies to bring their dream websites to life
  • Developed a Laravel-Wordpress compatibility layer called Koselig

  • Worked with the UN to build the first crowdfunding website for Ecuador
  • Worked with the World Bank to scrape alternative financing data for the developing world
  • Managed the AWS-based build, deploy and hosting infrastructure
  • Created the development workflows, code and documentation style guides for the company

9 GCSEs A*-C

16 July 1999 Jordan Doyle